Beginner’s Guide To Online Blackjack Game

Blackjack, the age-old card game, has been entertaining and thrilling for hundreds of years. The casino classic sees players challenging dealers in a game of skill and knowledge with the winner being determined quickly and unbiasedly. Since the advent of the internet, Blackjack has reached new heights of popularity with millions globally regularly testing themselves in the skilled game.  Here are the best beginner tips for Blackjack:

Every Card Counts For Something

If you know nothing at all about the table game a good starting point is to understand that every card has a value. Numbered cards are worth whatever number they have on them, so the 8 of clubs would be worth 8. Face cards like Jack, Queen, King are worth 10 each. This leaves the Ace card which can either be worth 11 or 1, players can decide this. 

A counting system is used because the objective is to get a hand of cards worth or as close as possible to 21. In addition to this, should either a dealer or player at any point surpass a card value of 21, the game is automatically won by the opposing player. So, for example, if a player gets a jack of spades, and a 7 of hearts then decides to take another card only to get a 6 of clubs this would equal 23 and the game would go to the dealer. It should also be said that the difference between online blackjack and “twenty one” game is nothing as it refers to the same title, you can find different versions of this classic though at most places. 

The Different Plays In Blackjack

Gameplay begins with the dealer giving both him/herself and the player 2 cards. The dealers 2 are placed with one face up and one face down, while player’s cards are both put facing up. Then based on the player’s combined value of their cards a choice is then made to either stand or hit. When a stand is chosen players keep the value of the original 2 cards with nothing being added. A hit can also be requested, this is when a player receives another card which is then added to their total.  

Doubling is also a possible play that multiplies a players bet by 2 and gets them an additional card. A split play is an option when a player initially receives 2 cards both worth ten. The 2 cards are then split into separate plays with a player having an option to either divide their initial bet over both plays or doubling it so the original bet applies to both. 

If you have never tried to challenge a dealer to this classic game it is a good time to try. The majority of online casinos have multiple versions of the old-time favorite with live dealer games even being an option now. So if you have been searching for a game that is not only fun but challenging to get right Blackjack is a good choice. 


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